frequently asked questions

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Do you record audio?

Absolutely! Audio is half of the viewing experience! We use LAV mics, shotgun mics, and recorders to capture vows, speeches, ceremonies, toasts, prayers, and anything else you can think of!

Is RAW video included?

RAW video of your big day is available as an add-on called "The FOMO" (Fear of Missing Out) edit. We film A LOT during your wedding day, so make sure you are prepared to receive a ton of footage if choosing this option. Average weddings have around 3-4 hours of total footage which adds up to about 300gb or more.

How long until I see my film?

Your highlight film will be delivered 4 weeks after your wedding date. The Social Media Trailer add-on will be delivered 3 days after your wedding day if selected.

Can you attend the rehearsal dinner?

Absolutely, as long as we have that date available, this can be added on to your package.

How many videographers are included?

Every package includes two videographers. We do not offer a one videographer option because we believe the quality we strive for cannot be attained through just one angle. A third videographer can be added on to your package if needed.

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