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finding inspiration in every story

New World Weddings was founded by Josh and Anne, a husband and wife team that is dedicated to capturing your special day for the big screen!

our story

After years of dating and waiting...Josh decided to pop the question. Josh asked Anne to marry him while the two were on a trip in Cape May, NJ. The couple documented their trip with nothing but a GoPro and Selfie Stick

After getting engaged, Josh edited a video that would document this chapter of their story. To Josh and Anne's surprise, their engagement video became a hit.

Because of the video's success, Josh and Anne decided to attend cinematography courses and learn from the best in the business about how to capture, edit, color, and produce film.

After getting married in 2020, the couple filmed their very first wedding video and have been hooked ever since.

For years now, Josh and Anne have been traveling and helping couples share their love stories.

We can't wait to hear yours.

Let's put your big day on the big screen!